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  • Weather – Rides are rarely cancelled due to inclement weather.  Fees paid for rides that are booked in advance will not be refunded unless Ashridge Trekking Centre deems that the weather is unsuitable to proceed with the ride.  Customers are advised to bring suitable clothing for the season of the year.



  • Cancellation Policy – Booking are not refundable once they have been confirmed.  An alteration to the booking may be made more than 48 hours in advance, Customers are advised to insure against unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations cannot and will not be made via email. 


  • Force Majeure – In the event that Ashridge Trekking Centre is unable to provide a suitable mount due to circumstances out of its control, the limit of responsibility will be the cost of the ride that the customer has paid for.  A full refund of fees paid to Ashridge Trekking Centre will be given in such cases.  (i.e. lameness of horse, inclement/adverse weather conditions).

  • Weight Limit – 14st/89kg/196lb 

  • Overweight riders/lack of experience – Ashridge Trekking Centre reserves the right to cancel an advance booking in the event that, when a rider arrives on the arranged day he/she is either over the weight limit, or not of the level of experience that he/she declared on their booking and disclaimer form. In such a case a refund will not be given.

  • Late Arrival – Customers should arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of their ride to allow time for induction and mounting up.  If riders arrive late they may not be allowed to proceed, or the length of the event may be curtailed.  No refund will be given in such cases.



  • Clothing – Hard hats are provided free of charge by Ashridge Trekking Centre.  However, it cannot be guaranteed that they will fit all heads!   Riders are advised to bring their own hard hats if at all possible, which must conform to BS EN 1384/PAS015.  Jodhpurs or stretch trousers are recommended and footwear with a proper heel.  Trainers are not suitable.  Warm/wet weather clothing should be brought according to the season of the year. Customers who arrive inappropriately attired may not be able to ride and no refund will be given. 


  • Clients MUST not wear trainers, sandals, flip flops or high heels for the following reasons:-

  • These shoes do not have a heel, which is needed to hold onto stirrups. In addition, the grip or tread on whatever type of shoe you do wear must not be too deep as if it is, it can catch on the stirrups and pull your foot in the wrong direction. 

  • A shoe with a slippery sole is not good for an obvious reason; the foot may simply slide all the way through the stirrup, trapping the leg.  

  • Please note that clients will not be allowed to ride unless they are wearing suitable footwear in accordance with local authority regulations. 50% of the cost will still be charged if you are unable to ride.

  • Suitable footwear

  • Riding boots

  • Wellingtons

  • Chelsea boots

  • Robust shoes with a small stout heel

  • Staffing – Every effort will be made by Ashridge Trekking Centre to give customers an enjoyable and memorable experience.  Each ride will be taken by a trained escort according to the declared level of the rides or riders.



  • Health and Safety – Health and safety for horse and rider is paramount. However, horse riding is a very dangerous activity, lead riders endeavour to keep everyone including the horses safe at all times. However as horses possess the ‘flight’ instinct, when startled accident may occur.



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